Summer plumbing tips

Rusty Spigot


Summer is the time when there is increased traffic at home – friends and relatives visit home, there are get-togethers and special events at home and the overall atmosphere is fun and happy. However, this is also the time when homeowners face maximum problems with their plumbing systems. This might be in the form of clogged drains, pump problems, water heater problems or basic sanitation pipe problems.

If you are facing this problem time and again and looking for ways to tackle all plumbing issues in the summer, we have some interesting tips, which will make things easier for you. First, let us understand the most frequent or common problems faced by homeowners in summer. Once you are able to identify the problem, you will be able to tackle it quite effectively.

Common Plumbing Problems in Summer:

  • Leakages in water heater
  • Leaking faucets
  • Garbage disposal problems
  • Clogged toilets
  • Burst or cracked pipes
  • Broken seals of pipes
  • Sounds or unusual nose in drain pipes

There are a few preventive measures which can be taken by homeowners to tackle the warm months. Once your plumbing problems are solved, you will be able to enjoy your summer days, without thinking much about clogs or leakages or low pressure in pipes problems. If the following factors are considered, you will be able to save on emergency plumbing services as well.


Inspecting Leakages In Advance –


Just as summer approach, carry out all inspections for leakages. Long winters usually impact on the plumbing system, often causing cracks and damages. Hire a reputed plumbing company, to inspect the pipes for any probable leakages. There are a number of spots which need to be checked which includes bathtubs, sinks, shower heaters, hot water heaters, sprinkler pools and more. Thus, if there is an inspection of leakages in advance, you will have smooth summer months.


Toilet Checking –


Engage a good plumber to have a good check of the tank floater and also the valve which is well attached to this. Sometimes the rubber float or the associated hardware tends to wear out with time. The situation can get difficult all of a sudden. When professionals visit your premises, they will check for any such problem and if there is any damage, it will get repaired quickly.


Bathtub Problems –


You need to check the grout and ensure it is well sealed. If there is any missing section of this grout, there will be leakage just under the tub or the wall.  Professionals will visit the premises with adequate equipment so that any leakage is quickly detected.


Drain Cleaning –


Getting your drains cleaned on a regular basis is always recommended. Drain cleaning services by professionals, help in removing any build-up in the drain pipes. In most situations, drains get clogged due to hair or tissue papers. If the clog is deep within the drain, homeowners will not be able to remove the clog with their regular cleaners or DIY techniques. Professionals will clean the clog after detection of the location. They will also ensure that adequate measures are undertaken so that future clogs do not happen.

So, once the winter gets over, carry out a thorough maintenance of your plumbing system. The summer will be easier for you.